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Brynn & Tyler — Minted




Our Story

Brynn & Tyler's Story

Brynn and Tyler's love story began when they first met at a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico in 2017! Tyler's older brother Bryce was marrying Rachel, an Athens native and life-long family friend of Brynn. Brynn and Tyler immediately hit it off at their wedding! After an unforgettable week of getting to know each other in paradise, Brynn went back to Washington, DC to finish her senior year of college and Tyler went back to Dayton to start his career. Even though there was significant distance between the two, Tyler continued to pursue Brynn and arranged several dates in Cleveland, DC, and Columbus to learn more about each other.

Brynn completed her undergraduate degree in 2018 and moved back to Ohio to continue her education. She attended Ohio University for her Master's in Sports Administration and MBA degree - a two year program in Athens, Ohio. Although Tyler was still living in Dayton, the two were much closer in distance - only a two and a half hour drive!

Brynn and Tyler began to plan dates in Columbus to see each other more often - including a New Year's party Tyler invited Brynn to with all of his friends! Every moment spent together felt natural, exciting, and fun - they knew they had something special. Brynn & Tyler became an official couple in February of 2019 and never looked back! They both spent countless hours on the road driving to visit each other on the weekends, along with many Facetime calls during the week. Long distance relationships are never easy, but Brynn and Tyler were committed to each other and very serious about their blossoming relationship.

Tyler and Brynn endured the crazy year of 2020 together, where they quarantined in Athens at Brynn's parents' house - talk about really getting to know someone! Brynn completed her Masters program and Tyler worked remotely until Brynn found an incredible job in Columbus. Brynn and Tyler moved to downtown Columbus at the end of 2020 and spent two and a half years enjoying the city.

On May 21st, 2021 Tyler planned the most perfect day to ask Brynn to marry him. Brynn and Tyler went to a fancy brunch and then went for a walk (in the pouring rain) afterwards - Brynn began to be suspicious. Tyler got down on one knee on a bridge with downtown Columbus in the background and they both were crying tears of joy!!! Brynn and Tyler's families were watching from a distance and came out to join them in the exciting celebration. But it didn’t stop there - Tyler invited Brynn's friends, and some of his friends, to drive and fly in from out of town to be there to celebrate at the pre-planned rooftop party on the night of their engagement!

The couple is beyond excited to celebrate their extraordinary love with you in Charleston, South Carolina!